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PayFast module updates

Below are four of the updated plugins that we tested over the last couple of weeks. To see a complete list of eCommerce shopping carts we support, click here. Magento Magento 1.7 has been out for a couple of weeks and we confirmed stable integration with the PayFast module. There are a few new features […]

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Introducing the PayFast Dashboard

We received great feedback about our redesigned site, which went online at the start of the month. It has all the familiar functions that sellers had access to before, but the new layout makes getting (and using) some of these tools a little easier. The PayFast Dashboard (image below) will appear for those with accounts […]

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Reduced seller fees

There is a lot happening here at PayFast. We’re preparing to launch our redesigned website, there are new exciting payment methods which we’ll introduce soon and to top it all off, it is our fifth birthday month. (more…)

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