Accepting donations

PayFast offers Cause accounts for charities and other NPOs to help them with their fundraising efforts.

Donations can be made via any of the payment methods we offer (including credit cards). International donations can be made via credit card.

While there are unfortunately costs involved in processing payments, PayFast does its bit by offering vastly reduced fees for causes as well as hosting a free webpage on our site for causes. This page provides information about the cause and has an area where donations can be made.

What do charities get?

  • Reduced fees
  • A free, hosted “cause” page
  • The ability to accept donations by all payment methods (including credit cards)
  • Full integration flexibility

Which charities are listed?

All charities have hosted pages on PayFast and a complete index of them can be found here. If your favourite charity isn’t registered, please ask them to contact us.


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Does a cause have to be registered as an NPO to accept donations?

Yes, according to South African legislation, a cause has to be a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) in order for us to process donations on their behalf.

How can causes without websites receive money?

We provide causes with a free page on our site. This page includes their name, logo, description and contact details. There is an embedded “donate” button to easily accept donations in a variety of ways

Are donations made with PayFast tax deductible?

Yes, if the cause is a registered PBO and issues the donor with a tax certificate.

A cause must be a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) with SARS (South African Revenue Service) in order for donations to be tax deductible. The PBO registered cause can then issue the donor with a tax certificate, but some causes only issue a tax certificate if the donation made is more than a certain amount. This amount is indicated on their cause page on PayFast.