Bitcoin is an innovative digital payment method, performed over a peer-to-peer network. We partnered with Luno (previously known as BitX) to allow our sellers to accept Bitcoin payments.

Buyers can purchase Bitcoin in a variety of ways (in almost any country in the world) and use it in a variety of ways: including online purchases using PayFast.

Buyers simply pay the Bitcoin amount (at the current rate of exchange) during checkout. Sellers will still receive South African rand, just like with all our other payment methods.

Neither PayFast nor the seller receives or stores any Bitcoin, so there aren’t any risks of security, volatility or exchange rate fluctuations.

For a more in-depth explanation, please see our launch blog post.


  • Accept international payments
  • Guaranteed payments, no chargebacks
  • You receive the exact ZAR amount requested
  • No risk of exchange rate volatility


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