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Events registration and management with Event Espresso and PayFast

Event Espresso

Many event organizers choose Event Espresso for planning conferences, classes, nonprofit events, workshops, festivals, and more! Create an event registration form through Event Espresso’s event registration plugin so you can receive event payments with PayFast.

Why PayFast?

Event organizers in South Africa can accept payments through PayFast. Create an event registration system with Event Espresso and PayFast and securely receive online payments for your event registrations. You’ll receive payments in South African rands to your PayFast merchant account as your attendees pay for their event registrations. Funds can then be paid out from your PayFast account to a linked South African bank account.

Event organizers prefer PayFast so they can receive online payments from their attendees for their event registrations in South Africa.

Start accepting online payments securely for your event registrations using PayFast. Sign up for a new account here, if you don’t have one already.

How do I get started with PayFast for my event registrations?

Are you currently using Event Espresso for your event registrations on your WordPress website? You can download the PayFast add-on for Event Espresso here.

Ready to begin your project with Event Espresso?

Here are the steps to get started with Event Espresso and PayFast right now.

1) Join other event organizers who have chosen Event Espresso for their event registrations and purchase a support license for Event Espresso today

2) Afterwards, you’ll be logged into your new account on and, a welcome email will be sent to your email address.

3) Follow the quick start guide for Event Espresso to get up and running quickly.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a handful of questions about the PayFast payment gateway for Event Espresso to help you.

Is a WordPress website required?
Event Espresso is a plugin for WordPress, so you’ll need a website running WordPress to use Event Espresso.

How can I set up a recurring payment, payment plan, or a subscription through PayFast?
Recurring payments, payment plans, or subscriptions are not currently supported in the PayFast payment gateway. When an attendee pays for their event registrations with PayFast, they pay upfront so, you receive your funds right away.

When I refund a payment, does it also refund through PayFast?
Refunds in Event Espresso 4 are currently a two-step process. First, apply the refund through the transaction details screen of Event Espresso in your WP-admin (WP dashboard). Then log in to your PayFast merchant account and process the refund.

Is an SSL certificate needed for PayFast?
A dedicated SSL certificate is recommended if you are accepting payments on your website.

7 thoughts on “Events registration and management with Event Espresso and PayFast”

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

    There is a Joomla solution out there called DT Register (we blogged about at here: We decided to do development for the Event Espresso (WP) module because of its features, popularity and stability and it seems to be a far more polished product than other Joomla options.

    There might be similar Joomla solutions out there; if you know of any please submit them in the comment fields below. We’d encourage you/your developers to create a PayFast module and we can list it if it is stable/popular enough 🙂

  2. I have to say, I was skeptical when I first started seeing the payfast ads, but its been amazing to watch you develop into a professional service provider with awesome extensions and integration – particularly excited by this, your woo commerce extension for WP and the shopify integration.

    will definately be using Payfast on my ucoming projects, I’m always so proud to see great open development coming out of SA.

  3. Paul,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. We really appreciate it and we hope to keep adding to that list of awesome extensions (and native integration)!

    The Team @ PayFast

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