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Lean Startup Machine in South Africa

Join us this weekend (May 30 – Jun 1) for South Africa’s first Lean Startup Machine weekend. These events are three-day, hands-on workshops that help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to quickly start (and importantly: quickly fail) companies and products using Lean Startup techniques.


The Lean Startup methodologies were proposed and popularised by Eric Ries in his 2011 bestselling book by the same title. It challenged the traditional ways of doing business –elaborate planning, forecasting and big up-front investments— and proposed (among other things) building a minimum viable product, from which you should pivot, or fail, in the minimum required time.

For budding startups, the stats don’t look great. The overwhelming majority of startups fail. Learning how to identify the pitfalls and probability of success/failure (through split testing, continuous deployment and the learn-measure-build approach, among others) will allow you to either change or exit your idea, rather than wasting your most valuable resources of time and money on something that isn’t ready for the market.

Get paid. Fast.

The idea of “fail fast, succeed faster” is aligned with what PayFast tries to help South African entrepreneurs with.

You can, for instance, build an online shop for a modest budget, in a few days (depending on you/your developer’s skills). Then you can, in around eight business hours, start accepting credit card and other payments from your customers via PayFast, without spending a cent on setup costs. Sure, there’s room to grow into a big, successful business with a great, custom-developed website, but there’s no reason to sink a lot of upfront money and time into development and things like getting a merchant account with your bank (unless you already have one), before having your ideas tested.

All that you want, after all, is to get paid fast (all pun intended).


There are a limited amount of tickets available, from the Lean Startup Machine website (R1500 each) and this includes everything over three days: workshops, mentors, meals and more.


We’re really proud to be a sponsor of the Lean Startup Weekend Cape Town and to further our efforts to be an eCommerce enabler in South Africa. We’ll also be in attendance and look forward to meeting all the aspiring entrepreneurs. You can follow us at @PayFast for more.

Free ticket!

Well done for reading through the entire post 🙂 We’re giving away a free ticket, worth R1500 to a lucky winner. Leave your details below and we’ll contact the lucky winner by 15:30 on Friday.

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