Merchant Refunds and PayFast

Since PayFast processes multiple payment methods, the mechanism and ability to process refunds depend on the payment method used.


Credit cards

We have the ability to process credit card refunds through our admin system. We don’t currently charge a refund fee and we’re happy to assist provided that these requests aren’t a frequent occurrence.

Simply get in touch with our Helpdesk to get a credit card payment refunded. Have the name and email address of the buyer, the amount and the reason for the refund handy.

Note: we’re not able to process partial credit card refunds; card transactions must be refunded in full. It may take up to seven days for the funds to reflect in the buyer’s credit card account. This processing time is up to the credit card association and banks involved in the transaction/refund.

Instant EFT

EFT transactions in South Africa can’t be reversed the same way credit cards can. Banks won’t authorise a reversal of funds out of an account other than very specific cases (such as recurring debit orders).

To refund a buyer who paid using Instant EFT, we suggest reaching out to the client, request their banking information and make a manual EFT to their account.

Other payment methods

Other payment methods –such as Bitcoin, Ukash, mobicred and PayD—are all also built without reversal or refund mechanisms in place (some notably to protect merchants from costly chargebacks).

In these cases, we recommend contacting the buyer, requesting their bank information or settling the refunds in a way convenient to them.