New Shopify Integration- Installation Steps

confirm PayFast deactivation

Our new integration for Shopify is now available for all merchants. The new integration is more secure and follows Shopify’s new integration requirements. The checkout process for buyers is the same and nothing changes for either party. The old integration may still be used but Shopify doesn’t allow any updates any more.

The update is quick and easy and won’t affect your store.

So let’s get started.

Step 1 – Deactivate PayFast

Go to your settings page and select the payments tab, then click on the deactivate button.

deactivate payfast

Step 2 – Confirm PayFast Deactivation

confirm PayFast deactivation

Step 3 – Select PayFast

Once you’ve deactivated the old PayFast integration, you’ll need to select the new PayFast integration under the “Accept credit cards” module in the payments tab.

select payfast

Step 4 – Insert Your PayFast Settings

Before you can activate the new PayFast integration, you’ll need to re-enter your PayFast Merchant ID and Merchant Key.

insert payfast settings

Your merchant ID & Key are located under “Merchant Identifiers” in the settings tab of your PayFast account.

payfast merchant identifiers

Insert your merchant ID & Key in the fields provided and click activate



Now you’re ready to accept payments with the new PayFast integration for Shopify.

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