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Our new shopping carts page

There is an ever-growing list of shopping carts and online solutions (such as hotel bookings, event registration and billing) with PayFast integration. Our new shopping carts page will make finding the perfect solution –for you or or your business– a little easier.

PayFast shopping carts

There are filters at the top of the page whereby you can sort the solutions by type, such as WordPress, open-source, events etc. Also, the PayFast managed shopping cart plugins are developed and supported by us, available as free download for all PayFast customers. For all other solutions, kindly see their websites for pricing and support queries.

2 thoughts on “Our new shopping carts page”

  1. Hi just wanted to say thank you for making the opencart payfast module free and also making it easier to download. Previously I had to buy it and later had to go through a lengthy process of downloading via github

  2. You’re welcome! The module has also been listed on the OpenCart extensions page if that makes downloading it even easier 🙂

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