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PayFast celebrates Women’s Month with these female-owned businesses

This Women’s Month we want to take a step back from the harsh realities of lockdown to focus on something positive and inspirational. We are fortunate to have thousands of innovative and strong female merchants who have made a name for themselves in the South African ecommerce space by selling beautiful and valuable products that are making a positive impact on the lives of their customers. 

Below are some of the female-owned businesses that we are proud to have partnered with as their online payment solution.

Black Betty Design 

Black Betty is a jewellery and piercing studio that was founded in 2012 by South African designer Kristin Weixelbaumer. Their mostly female team inspires their unique designs that use natural hand-cut gemstones and precious metals. Each piece of jewelry is wholly unique and Black Betty ear curation is tailor-made to each individual. Black Betty has physical stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as an online store that integrates with PayFast to receive online payments. 

“As the world changes around us, more and more businesses turn to online platforms. It’s therefore important to make sure your online presence is just as strong as your physical store presence – and accurately and honestly represents what you are all about,” said Kristin.

When asked about what Women’s Day means to her, Kristin noted that it’s a time for reflection. “Specifically on how much we as women have overcome, both in our personal and professional lives – and where we are headed to. If it were not for the women of yesterday striving for better, I would not be where I am today – and it is our generation of strong, successful women that continue to strive for equality and for better – that will change the future for the next generation.”

Find out more about Black Betty Design here

Macro Mixes

Macro Mixes is a health food company that was founded just over two years ago by Maxine Schuiling. The company specialises in delicious and healthy high protein, sugar free and calorie controlled baking premixes, instant protein breakfasts and protein pantry items. Macro Mixes has an easy to use online store that integrates with PayFast, and also sells their ready-to-make food products in select retail and other online stores. 

“It has been a wild ride, from working at my dining room table to moving into our second office space in July, and it has been nothing short of both exhausting and wonderful. There has never been a more opportune time to start an online business, the demand is there as well as the support,” said Maxine. 

Maxine believes that Woman’s Day is a day where we recognise how capable and worthy all women are. “Too often we play it small to be liked, sweet or relatable but that’s nonsense. We need to own it and take up space, and thus set an example for other women to do the same. If you want to uplift women then show the world how high they can go!” 

Find out more about Macro Mixes here


KNUS is an online platform that was co-founded by Lizelle de Villiers to sell quality crafted homeware and furniture. KNUS has used PayFast since their inception in 2017, and today they have over 8,000 bespoke locally handcrafted decor and furniture carefully selected from around South Africa all on one platform.

“Working with over 100 independent designers and makers, the product comes straight from the source and we are truly a one stop shop for everything you need to make your home stand out from the crowd,” said Lizelle. 

To Lizelle, Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the beauty and force of women across cultures and borders. “Women are the mothers of our homes, our families and our nations.  Whether it is a stay at home mom managing the home or the career lady leading a large company, women lead with passion and from the heart. More and more women are taking various positions previously not traditionally reserved for women and Women’s Day is a day to remind all aspiring women who they are and that the possibilities are endless!”

Find out more about KNUS here


Natalie Wood founded E-Classroom in 2011 as the first digital education platform in South Africa in response to a demand for good quality educational resources. It was at the time when the curriculum changed from OBE to CAPS and she saw an opportunity to help teachers with their planning and content. In the e-learning space, many customers don’t have debit or credit cards, so E-Classroom was one of the first businesses to trial the SCode alternative for cash payments with PayFast, which has been a great win for their members.

“We were the first digital platform in South Africa to do this and it’s been a great success, although it has been tough. Competing for funding against my male counterparts was by far the hardest! I had to bootstrap the business to get to where we are today – but I’m not complaining! We now have over 300,000 members, have recently launched our video lesson platform and our online school enrolments start in September. It’s been worth the hard work!” said Natalie. 

According to Natalie, Women’s Day is a special time to celebrate the success of women around the globe and their contribution to what they do for society. “It creates awareness about what they have achieved and what they continue to accomplish.”

Find out more about E-Classroom here

Untangl. Health Foods Simplified

Lesley Grandjean co-founded Untangl with her brother, Andrew, as an online health foods store where customers can easily find, understand and order the right products from trusted brands for their dietary preferences. The online store was launched only recently during lockdown to help people eat more healthy. The siblings chose to partner with PayFast off the bat because of their previous positive experiences of using the online payment solution.

“Launching in 2020 may seem a little odd, but lockdown gave our team the capacity to create this offering and we also believe that now, the importance of health and healthy eating is more appreciated than before. Each person has their own healthy eating journey to walk and we’re excited to be a part of that,” said Lesley.

Lesley believes that Women’s Day is a chance to recognise the women in our lives. “And acknowledge just how much they enrich our lives. For me it’s not so much the celebration, but more the “I value you” that counts.”

Find out more about Untangl. Health Foods Simplified here

PayFast is an advocate for women’s empowerment and is proud to be associated with all of our female merchants. During August, we’ll be highlighting these businesses on our social media channels, as well as a few of our very own female employees for the amazing work that they are doing.  

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