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PayFast donation to Volunteer Wildfire Services

There has been a sad picture right outside the PayFast office for the past couple of days, with huge, life-threatening fires burning up big parts of the mountainside.

Firefighters and volunteers have been working around the clock since Sunday in trying to contain the danger. We’re all very moved by the brave efforts of all the workers and volunteers in keeping the community, fauna and flora from further harm.

It is with immeasurable pride and gratitude that the team at PayFast have pledged R10,000 to the dedicated men and women of the Volunteer Wildfire Services (you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook to see their amazing work).

From everyone here at the office: thank you!


With the fires still blazing through, we assisted Volunteer Wildfire Services in setting up a PayFast donations account, where the public can make quick, small and secure donations to their efforts. All transaction fees on donations processed through the account will be waived for the month of March.


To make a donation, visit: or share the shortcode on social media.