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PayFast employees share their favourite online stores ahead of Black Friday

With the festive season and Black Friday / Cyber Monday right around the corner, it’s now the perfect time to start planning your shopping list to avoid the December rush. With so many awesome local ecommerce stores to choose from, we’ve asked our employees for some of their favourites to give you some retail therapy inspiration. 

Back 2 Nature

We all know that natural skincare regimens are the way to go, which is why Back 2 Nature is so great. This Cape Town-based lifestyle brand creates and sells natural, plant-based, eco friendly and locally made skincare, haircare and suncare products. Not only is it practical to buy from their online store, but 7% of all their online sales go towards the Litterboom Project, an initiative that is helping to alleviate the increase in marine plastic pollution by targeting river systems.

“Back 2 Nature’s skincare products are amazing – all-natural and all-vegan. So good for the skin and environment.” – Terri, Content Strategist

Canine & Co

If you are looking to treat your fur babies then look no further than Canine & Co. They have five physical stores located in Gauteng and they opened their online store in 2020 with the acquisition of A Pet’s Life, the first online pet store in South Africa. The Canine & Co online store offers nationwide deliveries of world-class pet products to South African pet lovers. 

“Canine & Co sell quality products at very good prices. They deliver very quickly, are extremely reliable and they really have the best service! They also handwrite a very cute postcard with EVERY order, plus with every one of my purchases they sent a free gift. Canine & Co have never disappointed me, especially since they keep the communication of delivery open and honest.” – Linique, Risk and Compliance Specialist

Cosmic Bazaar

Cosmic Bazaar stocks everything you need to follow a natural, holistic lifestyle. On their online store, you can find healthy food items, natural medicine, books and even jewellery. They believe in what they do and it shows.

“Cosmic Bazaar are holistic in what they cater for, very friendly and helpful support. Their products are absolutely the best and not expensive for what they are.” – Kay-Leigh, Customer Service Trainer 

Dewdrop Skincare 

Dewdrop Skincare is another skincare favourite due to their use of botanical ingredients that can help treat different skin conditions. Each formulation uses quality ingredients sourced from around the world. So if you’re looking for something new in your skincare routine then why not give them a go.

“Dewdrop Skincare sells my favourite face oil and serum. I believe in their products and it really works. Their products are made with all-natural ingredients, smells great and does what it says.” – Natasha, Quality Assurance Manager – Customer Services

Divine Scent

If you’re looking for your next fragrance at a discount price then it’s worth browsing Divine Scent. This online store stocks men’s, women’s and unisex fragrances sourced from unwanted stock from overseas. 

“I order from Divine Scent regularly because they sell original fragrances at half the cost. Even though the box or packaging is damaged, the bottle is always in good condition. So far I’ve bought 12 different fragrances from this online store and I love them all!” – Farieda, Customer Service Representative


DIYElectronics is the online destination for hobbyists, semi-professionals and industry professionals looking for quality tools and electronic components at affordable prices. One their online store you can find things like robotic kits, 3D printing machines and everything in between.

“If you are into electronics and things related to electronics, then this is the store for you. I personally find their 3D printing products very interesting” – Sheyaam, Customer Service Liaison


If you are already following a plant-based diet or are keen to see what all the hype is about, check out Herbivore. This online store stocks a wide variety of plant-based meat substitutes, puddings, porridges, snacks and pantry items that are both good for your health and the environment. 

“Have you tried their food? It’s amazing!” – Neal, Digital Content Producer

Hoppity Apparel 

Hoppity Apparel is a family-run, female-owned online store that manufactures and sells unique, affordable and comfortable garments from the heart. If you’re looking for comfortable clothing, this is the place for you. 

“I love Hoppity Apparel because their clothing is so comfy! I’ve only ever had a great experience when ordering from them and their owner is simply amazing as she’s so friendly.” – Kimon, Junior Revenue Assurance Analyst


There’s no need to wait for the new year to get healthy when you can treat yourself now to activewear from Khepher. This online store prides itself on making activewear for every type of woman – those who are confident, sassy, independent and who dare to be different.

“I follow Khepher on all social media platforms and I love their complete transparency with their clients. They give a very positive outlook on all body shapes and female empowerment. There is a big “keep it real” culture that I feel lacks in a lot of businesses in today’s day and age. Also, their gym/leisure attire is the best I’ve come across in years to a point where I don’t purchase gym wear anywhere else.” – Mymoena, Senior Revenue Assurance Specialist


KOODOO is an ecommerce marketplace that will please any techie on the hunt for the best deals. The online store specialises in gaming consoles, games, accessories merchandise and lifestyle products. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a gamer family member, or for yourself, you’ll probably find something perfect here.

“KOODOO has competitive prices, a variety of accessories and speedy delivery – basically everything I look for in an online store ” – Keenan, Customer Service Representative

Mischief Pet Products

If small pets form part of your family, then Mischief Pet Products is your one-stop-shop. The online store sells food, treats, bedding, accessories and toys for exotic pets like rats, rabbits and birds, as well as for larger animals like cats, dogs and even horses. The bulk of their products are locally produced as they believe in supporting their fellow small businesses. 

“The owner goes out of her way for her shoppers and is a lovely person full of helpful knowledge that she is always eager to share. The toys, accessories, snacks, bedding and a few other items are hand made and can be customised as well. I love shopping on their website because you are able to add a donation or buy food that gets donated to exotic pet charities.” – Leila, Digital Marketing Manager 

Polkadot Box 

Polkadot Box is an online marketplace run by a husband and wife team who specialise in beautiful and unique wedding products and gifts. They love doing custom work, so if you are looking for something specific for your or one of your friend’s upcoming weddings, they’re your answer. 

Polkadot Box sells personalised items that can be used for any occasion. When placing an order you get a WhatsApp message with every part of the customisation process, making sure that what you ordered is what you get. The effort and time that goes into their business are impeccable. The products are quality and made to perfection. It’s hard to find another business that beats their great service.” – Linique, Risk and Compliance Specialist


Nothing captures a memory like a photo does, and with Q-Photo you can take it one step further by turning it into a printed canvas or photo book. As one of South Africa’s most popular online printing companies, Q-Photo processes orders from across Southern Africa. So why not consider turning your favourite photo into a larger piece of art?

“Q Photo’s professionalism and the type of services they offer is really amazing. When I think online printing I think Q Photo.” – Sheyaam, Customer Service Liaison


Raru is one of the best local ecommerce platforms when it comes to geek culture. On their website, you’ll be able to find a variety of board games, video games, official merchandise, books, musical instruments, electronics and more. So check them out if you want to treat yourself or get a head start on festive shopping.   

“Raru is my favourite online store because they are very affordable and sell a host of board games and PC hardware that’s hard to find anywhere else.” – Marnitz, Developer

The Shopaholic

The Shopaholic is a women’s online store that began 7 years ago as a side hustle and grew into a full-time family-run business. Whether you’re looking for a new bathing suit, top, pants or an entire outfit (or three), you won’t be disappointed. All of their clothing is made and shipped from Cape Town. 

“I love that the owner of The Shopaholic started her business at a young age and continues to make all the clothes by herself. I love that the brand is all about women empowerment and body positivity, ie: they use models of different shapes and skin colours. And I just simply love her clothes!” – Laeeka, Social Media Associate 


If you’re looking for a clothing bargain then StylePhase is your South African ecommerce destination. This ladies fashion online wholesale retailer stocks everything from clothing to accessories and even nail polish.

“StylePhase is one of my favourite online stores because they stock clothing at affordable prices.” – Unathi, Risk & Compliance Team Lead


Superbalist is one of South Africa’s most popular ecommerce destinations for fashion and homeware. They boast to have over 30,000 products and 400 brands, making their website an online window-shoppers dream. Make sure to check out their Black Friday deals, as they’ve had some impressive ones over the past few years.

“Superbalist have amazing fashion and beauty products on offer, which is why they are definitely one of my favourite online stores.” –  Nuraan Esau, Customer Service Representative 


If you’re keen to support a local beauty brand then you have to check out Swiitchbeauty

This online store sells a variety of affordable and popular makeup products that can make anyone feel like a star. 

“I love swiitchbeauty’s products! Even if you aren’t familiar with makeup you’ll love their makeup as it’s accessible to everyone.” – Farieda, Customer Service Representative


Of course, we can’t leave out almost everyone’s favourite online marketplace, Takealot. The ecommerce giant has a variety of products to choose from, ranging from pet food to computer hardware, and everything in between. One of the benefits of ordering from them is that they have their own delivery system, so you never have to wait too long for deliveries (with options for even same-day deliveries), plus they also deliver into areas that other courier services tend to avoid.

Takealot is famous for having great Black Friday deals, so make sure to check them out in the lead up to Black Friday to see if they have something on your wishlist. At checkout, we’d recommend selecting PayFast’s Instant EFT payment option for a quick and secure checkout experience. 

“With Takealot I can get everything I need from one place, in one transaction, which makes my bank statement fit onto a sticky note #SaveTheEnvironment,” – Luqmaan, Marketing Officer 

Tubby’s CBD Kitchen

If you enjoy the benefits of CBD, check out Tubby’s CBD Kitchen for its wide range of natural and affordable CBD cooking products. The online store stocks a variety of CBD infused cooking spices, teas, pastes and oils. 

“Tubby’s CBD Kitchen has good quality products and the owner is really funny.” – Tristan, Customer Service Representative

The Velvet Cake Co

The Velvet Cake Co can serve all of your decedent sweet tooth needs. Through their website, you can order their delicious cakes and cupcakes, ranging from traditional favourites to trendy creations, for same-day delivery or at a specified date. Whether it be for a birthday, wedding or just to celebrate making it through the year, ordering one of their cakes is a great way to celebrate.

“The Velvet Cake Co’s cakes are amazing. Pure Velvet elegance.” – Colleen, Head of Marketing 

We wish you a great Black Friday and hope you find some great deals. For tips on how to shop safely online, check out PayFast’s top 4 Black Friday tips for shoppers. If you’re running an online store, check out these tips on how to prepare your online store for Black Friday

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