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Optimised for mobile display

We have witnessed two big changes in South Africa with regards to shopping. First, shoppers are moving away from traditional stores and are doing a lot more buying on the internet: everything from  tickets to high tech electronic devices. The second big change is the emergence (or evolution) of mobile commerce and the mobile display of sites, shopping carts and payment methods. With Internet-enabled mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android devices and tablets such as the iPad and the Galaxy tab outselling desktop computers globally according to the IDC, this mobile migration is only going to increase and is a trend that is here to stay.

Websites – ours included – have a slightly different model of evolution; most websites have been around for years and were only accessed by users with desktop or laptop computers with fairly standardised monitors and display sizes. Now that the users are moving to mobile devices, a lot of these websites might not display optimally (or at all) on the smaller screens, calling for a lot of pinching, zooming, rotating and potentially frustrated users and buyers.

Shoppers who use PayFast on their mobile devices to make purchases will automatically have their checkout screen optimised for their mobile device, as per the image above. With the staggering amount of mobile devices out there, we’re expecting one or two of them to not display 100% optimally (please let us know if this is the case), but for the vast majority of your mobile shoppers it will just be that little bit easier to pay you with PayFast.