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PayFast module updates

Below are four of the updated plugins that we tested over the last couple of weeks. To see a complete list of eCommerce shopping carts we support, click here.


Magento 1.7 has been out for a couple of weeks and we confirmed stable integration with the PayFast module. There are a few new features such as CAPTCHA support, auto-generating of coupon codes, mobile HTML5 display and over 200 other bug fixes. Installation and test instructions are to be found on our help site.

We tested the plugin for VirtueMart 2.0.6 It is stable and can be installed directly via the plugin (which is easier and faster than the manual installation). The upgrade contains almost no new features, but a lot of small bug and layout fixes and a js form validator are all included. For more VirtueMart installation instructions on our help site, click here.

WP Commerce
The Wordpress module for WP e-Commerce 3.8.8 was tested by us, and installation can also now be done automatically through the plugin. Their final release has a lot of UI improvements (with drag-and-drop ordering) and some security updates. For more, see the WPEC 3.8.8 release notes. For our step-by-step installation instructions, click here.

We confirmed that our module works with Prestashop The update includes a few bug fixes – developers can view a complete changelog (and check out 1.5 beta) here. For installation instructions, see our help page.

Notes for developers:
All module development done by PayFast is now managed through GitHub. “Watch” repos to keep up to date with module changes and maybe help with development too ;)