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PwC Vision to Reality Awards

“Celebrating entrepreneurs and emerging companies with tech-enabled solutions, building trust and making the right connections, across all borders.”

The Vision to Reality awards programme is designed to recognise companies whose innovative tech-enabled solutions will have a significant effect on the long term growth of the African continent. Companies involved have made a difference in Africa by having the courage to share their visions and turn them into reality in the form of revenues and growth in their particular industries.

The 2015 programme included two categories this year:

  • Vision to reality award winner

    The top 10 up-and-coming companies will enter into PwC’s mentorship programme towards the end of 2015 and will make their final pitch to the independent panel of judges. The presentations will be evaluated based on specific criteria which will include innovation, financial performance and strategic direction. The top three companies will then be selected by an independent panel of judges and the overall winner will be announced at the Vision to Reality awards ceremony.

PayFast was chosen as one of the top 20 Vision to Reality entrants and we were invited to pitch at the SA Innovation Summit earlier this month. At the awards PayFast was selected as one of the top 10 up and coming Vision to Reality entrants and will now move on to PwC’s mentoring programme.