Blog » Quicket launches new features in response to COVID-19 lockdown

Quicket launches new features in response to COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown has spurred innovation across the board; from small businesses who have had to adjust their product offering almost literally overnight, to developers collaborating on new online platforms to help small businesses in need. Quicket, one of South Africa’s most popular online ticketing platforms, is another excellent example of an organisation that has been quick to adapt to our new reality.

As a direct response to the COVID-19 self-isolation measures, Quicket has launched two new features on their platform to complement their original physical ticketing offering: a fundraising & donations solution, and a solution for online ticketing for pay-gated content such as live streams and recordings. 

Quicket has launched these features to help merchants such as yourselves handle payments for your events, fundraisers and products that you would like to move online as part of your new COVID-19 business strategy. You can easily integrate your Payfast account into your Quicket event and start collecting online payments for anything that you can think of.

Since the start of lockdown, Quicket has reported an increase of over 589% on fundraising initiatives being done on the platform and an increase of over 726% in online content, which includes livestreams, webinars and virtual events. For more information about Quicket’s new features, read Quicket’s blog

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