15 thoughts on “Removal of registration”

  1. How does this work with Instant EFT now? Is the reference unique per transaction? Also, when will it be implemented, as I see it still asks for registration.

  2. Hey Steven,

    Instant EFT will work as normal; the reference is unique per buyer (and checked for transaction & amount after they’ve made the EFT).

    Also, this has already been implemented. The password will stay in place for those with a receiving account or a positive balance (usually sellers) and for those who opt-in to keep their account…but if you use it right now with a new email address, it won’t ask for a password 😉


  3. Payfast, Great move.

    As someone who uses various forms of eCommerce for many years, this is simply another great reason to stick with you guys and to have confidence that you have our best interest in mind!

    Thanks for the great work guys, we do appreciate it!

  4. About bloomin’ time. It was the ONE reason I was not using you guys on my web site. Now, I am happy to reconsider.

  5. This is excellent, awesome, great news !!!. Thanx a million, this will most certainly improve our sales.
    Thank you to the PayFast team for the great service you offer!

  6. It does not work for the scenario where an existing account holder does not close his account, and chooses the “I will decide later” option in the payment GUI. In that case he is still forced to provide his password. Especially relevant for cases where a user has forgotten his password, or does not want to use the linked credit card. They just want to do a quick transaction without any login hassles – in that case it is not very user friendly

  7. Also if the developer provides the email_address field of the payer in the Post, then you get to the scenario where you do not even have the dropdown to select an option. Under that scenario you are completely locked into providing the password, which si not acceptable – see my previious post. That is probably why Woocommerce commented out the line to provide the email address to Payfast in their payfast.class.php. There must be an workaround for this ….

  8. Hey Brendan, thanks for the feedback!

    We only give those with accounts three options: to have their account removed, to not have it removed or to decide later what to do with it. It does mean that they need to enter their password (or have it reset if they forgot it).

    Thanks again for the comments; we’ll definitely consider them when we do review of that part of the payments engine!

  9. Hi Brendan,

    I’ve replied via email and I wanted to just leave an answer here as well. Using a pre-removal basic account still requires us to validate the buyer, which is done via the password. It is also possible that the account may have funds in its wallet which should only be used by the correct buyer.

    I will discuss the UX of this whole process with the team hear and see what we can do to improve it.

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