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Scheduled Payouts

All funds received via PayFast are shown (immediately) on the seller’s PayFast account.

The seller can then –after we’ve done a security audit on those transactions– move the funds to their bank account by means of a Payout.

High volume sellers have requested that we add a schedule facility to these Payouts, to help them automate their finances a bit.

Presenting: Scheduled Payouts

Scheduled Payouts

You can now set a schedule for your Payouts to occur in a variety of ways. Simply log in to your PayFast account and hit the Payout tab.

It can be triggered on a certain day of the week, once a week, once a fortnight, once a month and so forth.

Note that Payouts incur a small fee, so it is wise to set a Payout minimum amount, say R1000, so that the Payout only gets triggered if your PayFast account has at least that eligible amount available.

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