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How to send out ZAR invoices with WP-Invoice


We’re happy to announce integration with WP-Invoice – one of the top WordPress invoicing solutions – with a PayFast-built plugin to accept payment in South African rand.

WP Invoice PayFast

With this tutorial we’ll go through setting up the system and sending out our first invoice.

Setting up WP-Invoice

You’ll need a running installation of WordPress. You can add invoicing to your existing WordPress site or you can install WordPress on a subdirectory (e.g. which you’ll exclusively use for that.

  1. Download, install and activate the WP-Invoice plugin
  2. Download the WP-Invoice PayFast plugin from our GitHub page
  3. Follow the installation process on our Developer’s page

Setting up the PayFast payment plugin

After you’ve installed WP-Invoice and the WP-Invoice plugin, log in to WordPress. In the sidebar, select Invoice, Settings, Payment. Choose South African rand as the default currency. Enter your PayFast Merchant ID and Merchant Key (found on the Settings page of your PayFast account, also emailed to you when you sign up with PayFast).

PayFast settings

Please note that if you enable test or debug mode, set up a test invoice and then change these settings back to normal, the test invoice will still revert to the PayFast sandbox. When an invoice is created the payment settings is saved to that specific invoice, so you’ll have to create a new invoice after changing the test and debug settings.

View invoice online

Also note that the PayFast plugin doesn’t allow for partial payments or recurring billing at this time, so make sure that you don’t enable this feature on the shopping cart.

Remember to tick the “PayFast” button at the bottom of your invoice to enable your customers to pay you by clicking a button that will show on the invoices you sent them.

Payment settings

For more information on how to set up invoices and WP-Invoice features, please see their developers’ website: