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SiMODiSA Startup Thursday

It’s that time again. Another SiMODiSA StartUp Thursday. SiMODiSA is an initiative that serves to amplify entrepreneurship in South Africa. They do this by running various events, workshops and competitions. All to give small businesses a leg up to get their businesses going.

PayFast has been an official partner of SiMODiSA since February 2016. We came from humble beginnings ourselves so we know the entrepreneurship journey is no walk in the park. That is why we are proud to partner with SiMODiSA and support the startup environment, which is where we started once upon a time.

The StartUp Thursday events take place monthly at Alphacode in Sandton, Johannesburg. They are attended by startups, funders, founders and eager entrepreneurs with the aim to network and mingle with experienced and knowledgeable individuals. There is also a startup master class held by an industry expert which always provides some insightful information.


This month’s theme is Social Media for your Business. Something that, in this age, cannot be avoided. But too often the vastness of social media can be quite daunting to even just begin. And once you begin, what content do you produce? Different platforms require different formats, followers need to be gathered, content needs to be valuable. It’s all very confusing for a business just starting out. Which is why this Startup Thursday will address some of these issues and provide valuable insight into how to navigate this constantly changing environment.

These monthly events highlight all areas of business in the hope to support and educate SMEs in South Africa. It’s well worth it to attend these future events if you run your own business. Through our partnership with SiMODiSA we at PayFast are able to assist and support entrepreneurs attending these events. This is something that we always endeavour to do as we serve these small businesses with our own business offering.

So all that’s left to say is… hope to see you at future Startup Thursdays?

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