Two-factor authentication available

Secure passwords are a good way to keep online accounts safe, but unfortunately there is still a chance that someone might get access to (or guess) your password (and therefore your account). Two-factor authentication keeps your account safe by requiring two things – your password and your phone – to gain access.

PayFast two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a simple method of asking for something you know (your password) and something you have (your mobile phone). After you enter your email address and password, you’ll be prompted to enter a code. This code can be generated on a free iPhone/Android/Blackberry app called Authy, or you can have it sent to you via SMS.

How to enable two-factor authentication:

To activate two-factor authentication, just log in to your PayFast account and click on the Profile tab. We encourage you to activate this feature, thereby drastically reducing the chances of the wrong people getting access to your account.

If your phone ever gets lost or stolen – after you’ve set it up with Authy – you can reset your phone number with them. If you want to change your number, you can do so here.

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