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Ubercart plugin available

Some of you might have already noticed, but we recently added the Ubercart module to our Shopping Carts page, with links to download the plugin free of charge. Ubercart is an open-source eCommerce solution, which is integrated into the Drupal content management system.

It offers anonymous checkout, sales & customer reports, multiple product image support, among some other features. If you’re looking for some reasons why to use Ubercart or would like to see some screen shots of what it looks like, please click the relevant links.

Please note that the plugin isn’t developed or administered by us, so you’ll need to get in touch with the developer for installation, stability and upgrade issues.

As always, we’re delighted that there is yet another way for people to integrate PayFast into the shopping cart of their choice, giving South Africans just one more option to sell online. For a full list of PayFast shopping cart plugins available, please visit our Shopping Carts page.

6 thoughts on “Ubercart plugin available”

  1. Hi.

    The code is still very raw, it doesn’t return the payer back to site when payment is done.

    It would be GREAT to have payfast work well with drupal ubercart but client won’t accept broken code, I am trying to fix it now…


  2. Hey Tiaan,

    Sorry about the hiccup there: we removed the link yesterday morning (couple of hours before you posted this). Unfortunately the module was done by a third party and wasn’t quite up to our standards.

    We appreciate your feedback (and working on the code). Please keep us updated and do submissions through the Git ( or at We’d happily give credit to you (or any developers) for useful contributions.

    Thanks again, and keep us in the loop!

    The Team @ PayFast

  3. I would like to find out about the maturity of this plugin. I’m looking to build a shopping cart with Ubercart and the plugin is the deciding factor for my project. Is the plugin stable enough for production? is anyone using it?

  4. Siya,
    The plugin was released earlier this year but we haven’t received a ton of feedback. Some people are using it, but I wouldn’t say that it is 100% fully stable yet. The plugin was developed externally, so unfortunately we don’t have a lot of control over it :/ We’d appreciate your (and others’) feedback regarding this plugin!
    The Team @ PayFast

  5. Hi Team

    Thanks for hosting the plugin and thanks to the developer of the plugin. I’m busy with development at the moment of my shop. I have to say it’s super easy to install the plugin compared to other installations.

    I Was just wondering if there any plans to develop a plugin for Drupal E-Commerce as well?

  6. Siya,
    Happy to do so and thanks for the comments! We’ve got it on our timeline, but we’re too busy with a LOT of other developments at the moment. Unfortunately we don’t have a planned date for it. Keep following, we’ll let you know.
    The Team @ PayFast

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