Blog » WHMCS Recurring receives an upgrade!

WHMCS Recurring receives an upgrade!

It’s here, the latest version of the PayFast subscription plugin for WHMCS. With this version, merchants can now manage their subscriptions directly from their WHMCS dashboard instead of their PayFast dashboard. It couldn’t get easier.

The advantages of subscription and tokenized payment options are vast, but let’s mention a few. Firstly, merchants can streamline their billing and allow cash flow to run smoothly. When scheduled payments are put in place without customer involvement, customer retention increases. This means a steady stream of income for the merchant. Recurring tokenized payments also offer once off payments without the need for repetitive authorisation from the customer. It’s a seamless, hassle free system that your customers will thank you for.

One thing to note is that any previous subscriptions that have been set up with older versions of the PayFast module (1.3.1 or prior) will need to be migrated to the new system. Merchants will need to:

  • Cancel their current subscription on their PayFast account.
  • Cancel subscriptions on their WHMCS site too.
  • The buyer then needs to set up their subscription again once the new module is integrated.
  • Merchant’s will also need to enable Ad Hoc payments on their PayFast account.

To get your hands on this module see the integration steps on our shopping carts page.