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WordPress do_action 2018 at a glance

Waking up before the sun on a Saturday morning is a daunting thought for many. Add a full 8am ’til 5:30pm work day into the mix and it seems downright crazy! But tell people that it’s for a good cause and you’ll see why there’s still a reason to have faith in humanity.

WordPress do_action 2018 saw people from all walks of life with expertise in various areas of the digital sphere come together and volunteer their time to create beautiful, functional websites for NGOs in need. This year’s NGOs were:

  • Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation
  • Vheneka
  • Volunteer Wildfire Services
  • Grace Animal Sanctuary
  • Vrygrond Community Reading Centre
  • CBM South Africa
  • The Parent Centre

Some only required a website re-design, while others required branding and a website to be created from scratch. Either way, all of the teams grafted diligently throughout the day to make every NGOs vision a reality. Each team held a position for a Project Manager, Designer, Content Manager, Social Media Manager, Quality Assurance Tester and two Developers to be filled, but if there was no volunteer to fill that role on your team, you would simply just have to pull together and make it work!

Yes, I know it may sound scary to be thrown into the deep end unexpectedly, but when you are working with others who are driven by the same goal, you’d be surprised by how much the air of camaraderie and selflessness becomes infectious and is enough to motivate you to say “yes I can!” (even if you’re not sure if you can, but are willing to try).

The WordPress do_action event is for anyone who enjoys using their skills to give back to the greater community or is stuck in a comfort zone and needs a little push to try something different while helping an NGO in need. We look forward to doing it all again next year!