Now offering payment by Bitcoin at only 1.9% per transaction.

PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. We enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers.

We allow sellers to accept payments from buyers in a variety of ways. We process credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Instant EFT (bank transfers to any of SA's four biggest banks that get instantly verified) and Ukash.

How does it work ?

With PayFast, buyers can make secure and instant online payments to sellers for goods and services. Buyers don't pay anything to use PayFast and sellers are charged a small percentage of each successful transaction. The payments are kept in the seller's PayFast account. When the seller requests a Payout, the money is transferred to their bank account. You can accept payments through PayFast if you're an individual, a registered business or a charity. Register today.

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PayFast allows buyers to make online payments and for sellers to accept these payments.

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Sellers can integrate via email requests, with Pay Now buttons in a website or with advanced shopping carts.

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We allow buyers to pay by credit card, Instant EFT with any of SA’s four largest banks and Ukash.

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Transactions are verified instantly: the money immediately reflects in the seller’s PayFast account.

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The buyer gets instant notification and can receive the goods or services purchased.

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Sellers simply request a Payout and the funds are transferred from their PayFast account to any SA bank account.

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Buyers pay no fee for using PayFast. Sellers only pay a per-transaction fee. No monthly or setup costs. More here.

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We are serious about security.

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Thousands of individuals, businesses and charities rely on PayFast. Open your free account today.

Customer Testimonials:

When I started my online retail site, I was looking for a cost effective credit card payment system. I came across Payfast and the simplicity and ease of installation made it my number one choice. I must say that the service I have received is incredible and my customers love the convenience of Payfast.

John Foster, Ruslana
Thank you for your and your support team’s excellent and quick service and feed back! You will definitely be getting ‘word of mouth’ from me!

MacDonald Cluff