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Launching PayFast Recurring Billing – Works like a charm to build long-term customer relationships

You asked for it; Recurring Billing is here As our number one feature request, PayFast’s much-anticipated release offers a streamlined solution to its merchants and greater convenience and control to the customer: a win-win all round. Said to be “the perfect business model”, Recurring Billing provides greatest value to both the business and the customer […]

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Multichannel Selling – What You Need To Know

  There is hardly a retail, eCommerce or related conference one can go to these days without hearing the buzzwords ‘Multichannel’ or ‘Omnichannel’ selling. In this article we explore what exactly these terms mean, and give you some examples of how you can get into multichannel selling, to increase reach, and sales.   What is […]

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Scheduled Payouts

All funds received via PayFast are shown (immediately) on the seller’s PayFast account. The seller can then –after we’ve done a security audit on those transactions– move the funds to their bank account by means of a Payout. High volume sellers have requested that we add a schedule facility to these Payouts, to help them […]

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The New PayFast Payment Engine

The PayFast Payment Engine –the page where buyers complete the financial part of their online transaction– has gotten a wonderful facelift with greatly improved user experience. Below is a quick video demo which will show: logging in as a first-time buyer logging in as a returning buyer making payment via Instant EFT making payment via […]

Getting paid without a website: Request Money

Our Request Money feature is an ideal solution for individuals, freelancers and businesses who conduct their services (or sell/auction their goods) in an “offline” fashion. You can create a Payment Request, which we’ll send out to the recipient’s email address. The email contains a link which they can click to pay you via credit card, […]

Introducing the PayFast Dashboard

We received great feedback about our redesigned site, which went online at the start of the month. It has all the familiar functions that sellers had access to before, but the new layout makes getting (and using) some of these tools a little easier. The PayFast Dashboard (image below) will appear for those with accounts […]

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Funding types now displayed

The method used to fund a particular payment is now visible on your account landing page as well as your account history. It is also displayed when viewing the detail of a particular payment. Previously, the only way to know how the payment was funded was to work it out based on the fee (which […]

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