Pay Now buttons are one of the easiest ways to integrate with PayFast and can be used with very little technical experience. You can easily create a clickable button, which you can place inside your blog or website to make it easy for your customers to pay you.

Simply enter the product/service description, the price and the button style. We generate the HTML code you need, which you can just copy-and-paste into your website or blog.

Examples of Pay Now buttons

Examples of the PayFast pay now buttons
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Create buttons and embed them in your website or blog in minutes. Learn more.

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From your PayFast account, set the item's name, price and style (or include the optional fields).

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We generate the HTML code for you. Simply copy and paste it into your existing blog or website.

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Buyers will see the HTML button on your website or blog.

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Clicking it will take them to the payments page, where they can pay you in a variety of ways, including credit card and Instant EFT.

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The buyer and seller receive a successful payment notification and the funds will instantly appear in the seller's PayFast account.

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Register your PayFast account today to start using Pay Now buttons.


Can the buyer pay Payment Requests by credit card?

The buyer will be able to pay via any of payment methods offered on your account. If you are able to accept payments funded by credit cards, then yes, the buyer will be able to pay via credit card.

Do email Payment Requests ever expire?

Yes, a money request link will expire 2 weeks from the date it was originally sent. It must be fulfilled by this time or it will lapse and you will need to create a further request if needed.