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Dignity Dreams

Dignity Dreams is focused on 5 goals which are the pillars of our non-profit organisation.
o Our main goal is to deliver a product which is world class to the girls who need it.
o We have set up our first workshop which we can now replicate throughout the continent and through these workshops we will continue to uplift our communities by providing transferrable skills.
o We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible which is why our product is continuously being improved.
o Dignity Dreams’ invaluable educational talks are the result of in depth consultations with; doctors, social workers, gynecologists, community leaders and teachers; to ensure our menstrual health content is age-appropriate, sensitive to all belief systems and accurate. This knowledge has also been condensed into our menstrual health pocket booklet which will be launched in 2017.
o There is no point in empowering young girls without including boys and men – which is why we make them part of the conversation. The knowledge we share with both sexes also goes a long way in dispelling the often-harmful myths and stigmas about Menstrual Health.