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The love ones of God Family care centre was established in 25 September 2001. Our organisation is currently residing on 8000 square meters of land and caters for the following groups:


–Pensioner with disabilities

-Low income families with children

–The unemployed

We offer our people accommodation, food,clothing,toiletries and any donations that we receive from the public or companies.We have ablution blocks with bathrooms and shower facilities. Our employed individuals are assisted with curriculum vitae’s to obtain employment and we have a lot of successful stories where some of our people could move on and lead a better normal life.Our central kitchen currently provides meals to a 150 people and 27 children daily and the responsibility that comes with this is huge as we constantly have to raise funds or goods to maintain a kitchen of this proportion.

The daily maintenance of our organisation such as petrol, telephone accounts,maintenance,vehicle maintenance electricity and water is immense.

financial assistance to cover all of the expenses to enable to keep our Organisation

operational and to cater for the individuals and families that cannot afford to make a living in the economic stricken times that we are currently finding ourselves in.

We work alongside with the SAP, welfare and a Hospitals that also knocks on our doors for help regarding cases that they come in contact with that is needed of accommodation and assistance. We have outreach actions to Magalini Squatter camp Tutu Imfundo Creche and Little Minions Creche where we also assist when we can with clothing, toys and products.

We offer school trips for our childeren to ensure their safety. Our pensioners and elderly have access to transport to clinics, SASA offices, hospitals and to town. We want to appeal to you for financial assistance to help them find their feet to obtain a better life. Our Organisation is fully registered and will offer you a Section18A tax exemption certificate for funds or goods recieved for claiming back purpoes from SARS