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Wildlands Conservation Trust

Wildlands Conservation Trust

Our VISION is simple: A Sustainable Future for All, and is inspired by one of the greatest Statesman of our time, Nelson Mandela, whose vision - Freedom for All – was regarded by many as unobtainable, yet inspired the transformation of South Africa.

To achieve this Vision, Wildlands are progressively developing and implementing WILDLANDS’ INITIATIVES across the Country. These initiatives are founded on the principles of the Community Ecosystem Based Adaptation (CEBA) framework. This framework has been developed through a formal partnership between Wildlands and the South African Government, and is founded on three principles:
• A strategic focus on the restoration and care of the ecosystems that underwrite the welfare and livelihood of communities.
• Development approaches aimed at “enabling sustainable access to the economy” for unemployed and impoverished community members, with a view to nurturing a catalytic generation of green jobs that will characterise an “African Green Economy” supported by green collar workers.
• The establishment of critical delivery partnerships between community leadership, businesses, civil society and government.