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The Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is an organisation led by a group of South African’s who have a direct interest in prostate cancer. They include some of South Africa’s top medical specialists who diagnose, treat and research prostate cancer on a daily basis. It also includes members from pharmaceutical and medical companies who provide the treatments for prostate cancer and who help fund the foundation’s costs and projects. They also volunteer their time to help the Prostate Cancer Foundation to implement its programs. The foundation also provides a forum for men and their families whose lives have been directly affected by prostate cancer. Some are involved in assisting others who have recently been diagnosed, some have been willing to share their story on our website and some have provided donations.
It is this involvement of the medical specialists who research and treat prostate cancer, the companies that develop the treatments, and the patients and their families affected by the disease that make our organisation unique and enables us to fight the disease from all angles.