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Animal Lighthouse

Our mission is to help as many township animals as we can to find love and healing.
We want to work with the communities to help them through education to look after their animals.
I had a dream of someday owning my own rescue haven where mistreated, abused and neglected animals can come and heal and find love and peace.
Well, it's no longer just a dream!!
This page will take you with me on my journey, making my dream come true

Its taken us 2 years of fighting to stay on a smallholding that's falling to pieces around us to come to this day.
The day where we can say now we are going forward. Forward for the animals that need a place that is save and protected!!

You all will be part of this journey.

We got a open piece of land where we will build a house ( HUMAN HOUSE ),
out of wood. While we are doing this a HUGE area will be cleared and fenced
to accommodate all they animals moving with us :) Well, they'll get the most awesomeness accommodation build there for their pleasure.

And this my dear friends is why this page were started.