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Return To Origin

Return To Origin is devoted to offering resources and teachings by partnering with and drawing from a well of wisdom keepers in a wide range of communities that understand the importance of the preservation of culture, traditions and indigenous wisdom as a way to healing.

With a focus on children and youth in its teaching, it will educate, empower, and uplift individuals and communities to reclaim their identity and remember our original human design. It will offer opportunities to assist in re -connection to the natural world, and their rich African heritage, bringing them to a deeper understanding of being a bridge to the modern world, where community, nature and conservation can co-exist together providing a foundation to their changing lives.

Working with the deep wisdom that exists in us all it will also empower elders to share their gifts.

It will also offer training for identified leaders in the community to pass on education and teachings thereby restoring a thriving community.

We will also link with other innovative organisations and individuals to support each other in reaching every child in South Africa.