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Apricot Tree Trust

Apricot Tree Centre is committed to the stimulation and development
of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Apricot
Tree strives to provide the highest quality service enabling these
children to reach their maximum potential.

Apricot Tree Centre is a Non Profit Organisation based in the East
Rand and was founded in 2009.
The Centre accepts children from 3 to 23yrs with varying intellectual
and developmental disabilities.
The children we cater for have unique disabilities often not accepted
in the public or mainstream special needs schools.
We keep our classrooms to a maximum of 7 children per teacher, this
ensures the child receives the maximum educational benefit
As each child is different, an IEDP (Individual Education Development
Program) is set up for them establishing specific attainable goals and
is designed to enable the highest level of development. The child's
progress is monitored and reported on at the end of each term.
The Centre has a holistic approach, directing its efforts not only
towards the development of the child, but also towards the support of
families with special needs children.

In order for Apricot Tree Centre to fulfill is mission, it is to function like a
mainstream school and beyond, specifically equipped to
accommodate children with disabilities.
Centre fees only cover the day to day requirements and therefore we
rely on external funding for equipment, buildings, training and other
development needs.
As the Centre is an approved PBO (Public Beneficiary Organisation)
and NPO and complies with the Income Tax Act Section 18a, we are
able to receive donor deductable contributions.
Turn over to see our requirements and the various ways you can
support this very essential service.