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Making a signifcant difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans is primary to the existence of Bay FM Foundation. Together with support from our community of listeners, Bay FM staff, our corporate partners and YOU our valued donor we are enabled to successfully pursue our aims of identifying worthy community projects/initiatives positioned towards community development.
Inspired by the development work undertaken by countless numbers of ordinary South Africans, the Foundation seek to concentrate on at least three broad themes i.e. education, primary health care and youth unemployment.

The Foundation strives to identify and support projects where a modest strategic investment has the potential for significant impact in the areas of education, primary health care and unemployment within the reception area of Bay FM.

Bay FM aptly employs the epithet Our Community Your Radio – and with good reason too; it describes the soul that is defining its special relationship with both listeners and its community. As an experienced establishment in the radio broadcasting industry, Bay FM is held in high esteem. The steady rise in its listenership over the past five years from a modest 55 000 to the current 103 000 also bears testimony that Bay FM is influential with a solid following.

Projects to be embarked on by the Bay FM Foundation are strategically identified and selected with due consideration by the board of directors upon recommendation by the chief executive officer. It is imperative that the focus of these projects or interventions must result in an impact on the livelihoods of the broader community in the reception area of the radio station.