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Breede River Hospice

Breede River Hospice

Since our incorporation and establishment as a non profit organisation (NPO) in 1999, we have, over the last 16 years, built an impeccable record of service delivery and have grown to become highly respected and acknowledged as being a key ‘centre-point’ providing care services, training and outreach throughout our local communities

Beyond caring for an ever increasing number of terminal patients – and their families and ‘significant others’ - the plight of many of our citizens due to increasing HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis infections is an ongoing and burgeoning challenge. We go far beyond ourselves in reaching out to our communities in our efforts to increase local awareness and provide education, training and a full holistic care package to those infected and affected by the scourge of these diseases.

We work hand-in-hand with the Department of Health, Western Cape in providing basic essential services, but, as a hospice that really cares for its people, we try to provide more than just basic care. Most of this ‘ground-work’ we are left to do on our own steam... with minimal financial and other resources.

We make a HUGE difference to the lives of many and, as the demand for our services increases exponentially year on year, we struggle to ensure our future security in the face of diminishing financial aid.

In our efforts to continue doing what we do best, we ask you to join others in our quest to... 'Have a Heart for Hospice!' Thank you. :-)