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Cape Dachshund Rescue

Cape Dachshund Rescue

Cape Dachshund Rescue is a registered Non-Profit Organization.

The long and the short of it is that we are a few dog-crazy ladies (or crazy dog ladies) who are united in our endeavours to rescue, rehabilitate (if necessary) and rehome Dachshunds in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng, South Africa.

While the dogs that have been surrendered to us wait for their right forever homes, they are kept in foster care. These foster homes offer our Dachshunds valuable family love and afford us the time it takes to network and find that quality match and perfect adoption.

And we rely on you, The Public, to help us by Sharing our cause. By paying lip service. And getting the word out. Your help is invaluable.

When applying for one of our special Cape Dachshund Rescue dogs, we ask that you fill in a form which gives us an idea of who you are. We will then contact you and arrange for one of our wonderful volunteers to do a 'home check'. Once we have been given the go-ahead by our home check volunteer, the adoption fee is payable and a suitable time is arranged to drop off the precious new family member/s.