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Cape Town Child Welfare Society

Cape Town Child Welfare is South Africa’s oldest and second-largest child welfare organisation. Since 1908, we have helped over a million children emerge from crisis situations ranging from drug/alcohol abuse, poverty, homelessness and crime, to severe neglect and physical and sexual abuse.

Our overriding goal is to ensure the survival and protection of children at risk – to help them break the cycle of despair in their lives, so that, ultimately, they are free to live fruitful, productive lives as flourishing members of society.

Daily, around 40 new cases come through the doors of our fivet intake offices across the Cape Peninsula.

Over the last two years, Cape Town Child Welfare has begun to away from a holistic approach to a highly specialised child welfare organisation again due to the demands of the new Children's Act 38 of 2005 which was implemented in 2010. All our skills and experience have been put into developing the best possible child protection organisation.

Cape Town Child Welfare is proud to count Desmond Tutu as its patron, and to be closely affiliated with the International Forum for Child Welfare. In general, we are widely recognised for our role in the protection and upliftment of children