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Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach Intentional is registered with Registration number 116-480 and recognized by Departments of Social Development in the year 2013. We have also Registered with SARS as Public Benefit Organization in South Africa for Tax Exception On the date of 19th March 2020 with Reference number 9917294179, a Community Based  Organization which started Its Operation with the Mission and Vision of Providing Basic Human needs like shelter food Education support, health care to the Underprivileged members of The Society.The Organization Currently assist more than 200 Individuals.Compassion Soul Winnie’s Outreach International is run by Commute members, Workers who have a direct influence in the daily Operations and tuning of the Organization.Member of the Organization, have vast knowledge and Skills through various training they have attended to ensure the success of the Organization and comfort, safety and Emotional support of the Beneficiaries.Living in the Center and in the Community.Over the years that Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International has been in Operations, We have seen Tremendous Demands for our Service.As more and more Homeless Individuals living in the streets of Johannesburg and the surrounding areas comes to us seeking assistant to Change their lives by seeking a place of Safety of the Center, therefore priorities Individuals Especially women and Children from Day-to-day Mishap Happening in or around the Community and Society at large.