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Edenvale Care Centre Hospice

The Edenvale Care Centre Hospice opened in March 2002 in an old house in Edenvale. The three-car garage was converted into a ward and the bathrooms plus a laundry were added. The remaining rooms were converted into office space as well as a lounge/meeting room for staff. It took three years of hard work to transform the Centre into what it is today.
We care for terminally patients, many of whom are from the rural areas and very poor communities. Our disease profile includes Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac, HIV/Aids, TB, Stroke. These patients are sent to us from surrounding hospitals and clinics, who are unable to accommodate them and many of these patients have no families. We treat these patients for 21 days only, as we are not a long-term care facility.
Our 13 bed ward is run by a highly qualified nursing sister and her well-trained staff. The care of the patients is completely free of charge, and includes three meals per day as well as all medication. There is a fee of R500.00 on admission.
We have a staff of 17, which includes the nursing, kitchen and laundry staff, as well as a part-time gardener, who tends our beautiful recovery garden. The nursing staff work shifts, as we are open 24hrsx7days a week. Our Doctors and Non-Executive Directors are all voluntary.
The Centre is a Non Profit Organisation Registration No. 021-198-NPO and we are a section 21 Company, which enables us to provide a Section 18A Certificate to our donors for tax purposes. We are also able to provide the BEE compliance certificate, if required.
The grant we receive from the Department of Health barely covers the staff stipends and we therefore rely heavily on donations, for which we are very grateful. The economic situation is making it more and more difficult for companies and the community to consider the terminally ill, less fortunate members of our society.
We would be only too pleased to host a visit to anyone who would like to see, first hand, the work being carried out at the Centre.