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Education For All

Education For All

The Dr Paul Biire Cossie Foundation NPC is a non-profit company formed and registered in the Republic of South Africa with its subsidiary registered in the Republic of Ghana since 2011 in terms of statutory laws of the respective countries. The Foundation has set its sights to the development of communities across the African Continent in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Foundation strives to design modern, scientific and efficient development models that are sustainable and easy to replicate in order to reach a diverse majority of destitute communities in the African Continent.
The core focal activities of its existence are rooted around the following:
? Poverty alleviation
? Job creation
? Promotion of food security
? Upliftment of living standards of communities
? Youth and women empowerment
? Enterprise creation
? Economic development
? Infrastructure, telecommunications, energy and rural development
? Human capital development through education and skills development programs
? Governmental Institutions developmental Partnerships
? Promotion of Social cohesion
The Dr. Paul Biire Cossie Foundation with its educational program strives to reach and uplift the poorest of the poor. We aim to assist disadvantaged and disenfranchised in their quest to obtain a quality, relevant education in order to ensure that they are in a position to become global citizens and a competitive, productive element in the local and international employment market.
The team is headed by businessman extraordinaire Dr. Paul Biire Cossie who is both the founder and chairperson of the foundation. He is a seasoned in all aspects of business formation. He founded and initiated numerous businesses across the globe. He expanded the Dr Paul Biire Cossie Foundation into world scale organisation, facilitating the business world to come together and mutually agree with his concept for various international development programs into Africa,
Dr. Paul Biire Cossie Foundation works in collaboration with local communities, Ministry of Education officials and local organisations to provide formal or alternative education and basic skills training. Our work includes projects aimed at reducing poverty and illiteracy among women, children, disabled people, those who have suffered displacement and instability, and those in nomadic and pastoralist communities.
The Dr. Paul Biire Cossie assists those most in need with opportunities to improve their access to relevant education, thus enabling them to participate fully in the global economy. With the continued help and support of our dedicated volunteers and sponsors, we can continue to fulfil our mandate to the African continent. Moreover we deliver our programmes by involving local communities, local employees and local political structures where appropriate, in a transparent and co-operative manner that emphasises collaborating rather than instructing. Our commitment to ´┐Żeducation for all´┐Ż is developed within the context of local cultures wherever possible, and delivered through local participants who then come to own the schemes supported by Dr. Paul Biire Cossie Foundation.