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Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa

The main objectives of the EMSSA are:
To promote and improve emergency care through teaching, research and education.
To promote the specialty of emergency medicine.
To advocate for emergency care in South Africa.
To generate funding for the accomplishment of the above.
To lobby on behalf of members of the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa for the promotion of and maintenance of the profession.
The secondary objective of EMSSA is:
To work in collaboration with other organisations which deal with teaching, research and education of emergency care, regardless of location, to the benefit of emergency care in South Africa.

All health care professionals with active involvement in emergency care are eligible for membership as below.
Members of the EMSSA achieve said membership upon completion of a membership form and payment of the required annual membership fee. Members may be:

Any person involved in education, research and / or patient care in the field of emergency medicine can become a full member of the EMSSA. Full members pay membership fees, have voting rights and can stand for office.


Any person with an interest in emergency medicine can become an affiliate member of the EMSSA. Affiliate members pay a reduced membership fee, have no voting rights, and cannot hold office.


This may be awarded by the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE to a person who excelled in furthering the objectives of the EMSSA. Such a member pays no dues, has no voting rights and may not hold office.
1.3.1. Application for membership in this category must be in writing, and must be proposed and seconded by two members of the EMSSA.

Membership expires under the following conditions:
1. A member resigns in writing.
2. A member ceases to be eligible for membership.
3. A member has not paid membership fees for a period of two (2) years.
4. A member by his or her actions brings the EMSSA into disrepute.
5. A member dies.

Membership may be suspended if a member has not paid membership fees for a period of one (1) year. During suspension the member has no voting rights. This may be lifted after payment of all arrear fees.