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enke - Make Your Mark

enke - Make Your Mark

enke: Make Your Mark is a youth development organization based in South Africa. We inspire, train and support young people to take action on the most urgent social issues in their communities. Derived from the Tswana for β€œink”, enke empowers young leaders to make their mark.

Our mission is to:
- Connect youth across diversity, creating valuable networks and building understanding.
- Equip youth with social and emotional skills – real world skills that unlock opportunities for future success.
- Inspire a bias toward social action, increasing both personal and national aspirations

The Context: South Africa is missing out on the full potential of its young people. The traditional education system is not giving youth the skills to thrive in life post-school. This can be seen in the rising youth unemployment rate, which is currently sitting at 41%, and the myriad issues that disproportionately impact youth. These can combine to become a source of social unrest, individual despair and uncertainty.

Our Solution: Empower and support young people to create meaningful change on the issues they care about most, simultaneously developing their own skills. At enke we work with young people aged 15 – 30 years; inspiring and training them to develop innovative solutions to serious issues. They develop the skills that lead to future employment success and create real impact in their communities.

What We've Done So Far: Since 2009 we have worked with over 1000 young people and increased their social mobility, social responsibility and individual leadership capacity. 91% of enke "graduates" are in education or employment, compared with a national average of 69%.