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Epic Sports Project

EPIC Sports Project is a non-profit organisation providing coaching sessions and sporting activity programs for youth from disadvantaged and poor socio-economic backgrounds.
OUR MISSION IS TO: • Develop young people with good character • Enable and equip them for opportunity • Help connect them to opportunity
OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO: • Develop leaders within our local communities • Inspire hope, ambition and the prospect of a positive future among our youth • Motivate young people to actively engage in their classrooms and on the sports field
WE’LL DO THIS BY: • Developing their skills through high quality sports coaching clinics, run by qualified coaches and mentors • Developing coaches and mentors within local communities through our train the trainer programme • Presenting them with an opportunity to hear from current and former high profile and successful athletes that come from similar backgrounds • Offering life skills through various career conversations and business mentors • Instilling discipline and responsibility by encouraging commitment and hard work on the sports field and in the classroom • Building self-confidence by helping them grow and backing them to succeed • Building strong relational skills through team ethic and promoting the support and mentorship of each other • Raising awareness of opportunities that exist after school in either sport or in the business sector • Establish connections for students with various colleges, universities, sports academies and people within the business network