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We are currently focussed on acquiring funds to support orphaned and vulnerable children in KZN area. We visit schools and what we have discovered is that there is more work that needs to be done out the situation)

We need:
• School uniforms, shoes, underwear, socks
• Vehicle for the organisation currently we have to hire one out of pocket to visit schools
• 5 wheelchairs
• Gardening tools and seeds.
• Vitamin supplements
• Food for food parcels: maize, oil, sugar, soya mince, rice, baby food, milk powder.
• Candles, washing powder and soap.
• Financial assistance for running costs, buying a vehicle and insurance of the project vehicle
• Financial assistance for salaries for admin staff
• Sponsorship for families, internet connection, airtime, tyres, ink cartridges.

See How Your Donation Can Help

R £ US$ €
120 10 20 13
Will buy a food parcel for a family
200 16 28 21
Will buy a basic uniform and shoes for an AIDS orphan
3210 270 460 342
Will pay an orphan worker's salary for one month
17000 1400 2500 1808
Will build a 2 room block house for an orphan family

R330 30 50 35
Monthly: This will sponsor a family - give them a food parcel, go to buy school uniforms, pens, blankets, etc. Sponsors will get photos and regular updates about their 'adopted' family.

Our two Pound / two Dollars or two Euros a Month Programme
We would love to make our project more sustainable and not dependent on large donations from funders.

If 50,000 people could commit themselves to merely two pound/dollar/euros per month or 24 pounds/dollars/euros a year, this would provide our running costs.

Anybody can afford this. It may not seem worth the effort to you, but it would make a huge difference to the orphans of eThekwini Metro and surrounding areas.

Go on, join the programme and make a difference!

Collect food. We are in particular need of:
- Cereal ,oats
- Rice, maize meal, beans, samp, flour, cooking oil
- Canned food
- Fruits and vegetables
Contact us as soon as possible if you would like to deliver groceries to families.
Sponsor A Family for R100 per family per month