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Fellowship Bible Church Christian School (FBCCS) is an open (non-racist / non-sexist/ non-religious) mission school with a Christian ethos funded and supported by the Fellowship Bible Church Rescue Mission (FBCRM). The school operates in Ottery, Cape Town as a mission school among the poorest of the poor. Children attending the school come from an area, with the highest prevalence of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) in the Western Cape, compounded by poverty and a community trend of poor scholastic achievement as a norm.
The FBCCS aims to provide a holistic learning experience through a combination of education and extra-curricular activities in an environment where children can learn at a pace commensurate with their potential.
The focus is on providing a supportive environment for children that have negligible support from home which if not attended to, will result in a high drop-out rate after grade 7.
100% of the budget for the school consists of operating costs. Of this, 86,2% is for the stipends paid to staff who receive approximately one-third of the salary of equally qualified teachers (based on NAPTOSA rates).
This proposal seeks to unlock additional resources to fund an operational budget that will cover the costs of:
1 improving the stipends of staff to 100 % of the NAPTOSA rates
2 improving access of learners to extra-curricular activities
3 giving every child the best opportunity to succeed / achieve his / her maximum potential

The budgetary forecast for the current school year projects a shortfall of R 423 902.
The sustainability of the FBCCS is based on partnerships with corporates and private individuals who can connect and relate the objectives of the FBCCS. Further, that they are willing to make cash or kind contributions either once off or preferably through a planned multi-year commitment.