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Get up and go foundation

The get-up-and-go foundation was founded by Shaun Drew he was diagnosed at the age of 25 with extremely rare muscular dystrophy known as GNE Myopathy.

After years of struggling with his disability and being confined to a wheelchair for the past 5 years it became increasingly more and more difficult to go out with his family, to attend kids sports days and plays, to go out for work seminars meetings and conferences and for general outings with the family to the beach or nature reserve of braais at friends houses.

He thought there must be others out there in the same position not being able to go out with their families.

This is where the idea for a non profit Foundation was formed.

Shaun gathered friends around him to join him in helping him make his vision a reality.

Out of this the get up and go foundation was born.

The Get Up and Go (from immobility to Gobility) Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that offers support and service solutions to individuals, families, and organizations throughout the Helderberg.

The aim of the foundation is to assist house bound people due to a disability injury or illness, with mobility either in the form of a motorized wheelchair or a wheelchair accessible vehicle. To assist people by making them mobile, will hopefully give them Gobility to be able to participate in life, whether participating at a family function or going to a work-related activity. This will undoubtedly improve the standard of living of this person and their family.

Most people cannot afford a motorized wheelchair as they are very expensive and need to meet the individual’s needs. Wheelchair accessible vehicle are also very expensive and need to have a special ramped installed so that a wheelchair can drive straight into the vehicle. There are very few vehicles available, which means that it is not always available unless booked well in advance and are also extreamly expensive to hire.