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With the unfolding climate and other environmental crises the news media across the world carry an urgent responsibility to inform and educate the public about the unfolding climate crisis plus mitigation and adaptation strategies. Public education in the form of inspiring and solutions-focused stories is essential now to a sustainable future on this planet. Particularly in the developing world this is not happening. This is the gap which the Green Times set out to fill 5 years ago. Green Times is South Africa’s green newsfeed dedicated to pro-active articles to inform climate solutions and a healthy society, as well as an active Green Calendar of events and conferences, plus a Green Directory of products and services. Focused on the development of sustainability thinking, coupled with practical implementation and innovation, GT publishes green news daily since 2008 on sends all stories out via social media as well as via a free, national and international newsfeed to subscribers. Green Times is a registered non-profit company and is sustained through monthly personal reader donations, as well as partnerships with the green business sector and responsible corporate organisations. GT shares environmental best practice stories and creative solutions to support the education and transformation of our society. The editor, Elma Pollard, eco journalist and trainer for 25 years, has also pioneered the development of eco journalists through an online training course, called Write for Earth.