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Imago Africa

Imago Africa consists of a community of Imago Therapists and Professional Facilitators who are passionate about relationships. Our life’s work is dedicated to transforming and enriching relational health. We want to help couples, families, and other groups to create safe, conscious and loving relationships.

We know that how we feel about ourselves and how others feel when they are with us shapes the quality of our relationships. And the quality of our relationships, shapes everything that we do. Our sense of belonging in a relationship is shaped by an inner dialogue that often sounds something along the lines of; Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do I matter? Do you accept me, understand me, as I am, no matter what?

When we can answer YES, to these questions, our relationships become alive, because we start feeling alive in them. We consider ourselves experts at creating relational spaces that are alive, that are safe, that are connected and meaningful. We will guide you through your difficult conversations, creating safety and support the courage to ask these and other questions aloud and to hear the answers that emerge.

Imago Therapy helps to understand the root causes of our relationship conflict and frustrations, our role, our reactive behaviour and what we bring to the space. Imago gives us the relationship communication tools and skills we need to work through our relationship conflict(s) irrespective of the nature of the relationship. As a result we experience wonderful new depths in our day to day living.
If the Imago principles and tools are applied sincerely, consciously and willingly, one can:

Gain greater compassion.
Gain new communication skills to break destructive, repetitive cycles.
Channel their energy from arguing to rather create passion and stability in their relationship/s.
Discover how the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of your conflict and can be overcome