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John Wesley Community Centre

John Wesley Community Centre

The centre also acts as a network amongst community civilians and the police, the local hospitals, local social services (such as counselling facilities) and governmental administrational duties (such as obtaining ID’s).

Pre School children from 1 to 6 years of age are under the care of qualified Care Givers and a senior teacher. Some 98 youngsters receive classes and graded daily activities are planned to cater for the many needs of the children. The children receive two healthy meals a day, which are planned to provide good basic nutrition and are varied from day to day.

After Care children are catered for once day school is completed and starts with a nutritious lunch before the planned activities commence. Our team of Care Givers ensures adequate control so that maximum benefit is obtained by the participants. Help is given with home work and the library caters for reading and linguistic needs. Basic personal care and hygiene receive attention.

Social Work is carried out by our team of Social Auxiliary Workers who assist in routine matters such as obtaining ID documents, Birth Certificates and social grants, as well as interventions in domestic issues in the wider families, child abuse, and inadequate basic home circumstances. .

HIV/AIDS Awareness Training is offered; each course runs for 8-10 weeks and deals with a wide range of practical issues which enable the adult community members who attend to be better equipped in dealing with this disease and the life style changes required within their own areas.