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The Legacy Giving After Care and Mentoring Centre (LGAMC) came into being in February 2012,when founder Thovhedzo Deon Mungadi who was working in Dimani village as an ABET facilitator, became acutely aware of the number of social challenges faced by the children. He noticed that when children came home from schools there was no one around to help with homework and teach them vital life skills, then Deon come to realize that there is a need for an after school project for children to ensure that children are heard and receive the physical, cognitive, psychological, emotional and social support they need to become leaders in their communities.

It was with the support of his family and friends that made his idea of starting an After-school project to be a reality that very same year. With the number of children receiving help from the organization increases every year the organization has worked with a number of other organizations in addressing children issues, and over the years more than 600 children have received the services.

Our Mission

Is to empower both boys and girls from all background in rural areas, build confidence, develop characters, and acquire the skills needed as they grow towards their dreams and visions.

Our Vision
Our vision is a future in which every young person has the skills, healthy self-esteem and opportunity to achieve their dreams and become better and responsible citizens of South Africa.